In early spring 2010 a call to action was made for change at Fern Bacon Middle School.  The incoming principal conducted focus groups with students and staff; held department meetings and one-on-one meetings with key staff; and collected qualitative data by surveying students, staff, and parents.  Subsequent analysis of student performance data and SQR findings predicated the structure of the program and selected curriculum.  A collaborative leadership team including the principal, vice principals, instructional training specialists, site staff, and parent volunteers began planning the summer pre-service and professional development that would lay the foundation for the school’s “New Era of Excellence.”  During the August pre-service that year, members of the teaching staff led colleagues through a data analysis protocol and strategic visioning session to help identify school priorities.  These priorities became the essence of the school’s vision and continue to provide the overarching frame for school improvement.  As a result, Fern Bacon made significant academic growth and gained 146 API points in three years on the CST. 

Moving forward, a strong foundation has been laid at Fern Bacon Middle School.  The transition into a new system of accountability has been seamless with an increase of proficiency in our SBAC scores in both English Language Arts and Mathematics.  Fern Bacon Middle School was recently honored with CORE’s 2019 Academic Growth Award for three (3) consecutive years of high academic growth in both ELA and Math.  This high impact badge is based on a growth model for every student and reflects consistent work among educators to provide extraordinary classroom instruction. Our work continues to be integrated, interdependent, interactive, and inter-related to ensure congruence between teaching and learning.  As a true learning organization, we will reach our vision by aligning our work to produce college/career ready students, strengthening family and community engagement, and fostering organizational transformation for continuous improvement.


Our people and their strengths, both individually and collectively, have been the most important factors in the transformation of Fern Bacon Middle School.  It is our commitment, ownership, and hard work together that has helped us reach our desired results; a vision predicated on a culture of high expectations for student achievement and behavior conduct.  To that end, the following vision statement guides our work: 

As a result of rigorous, high quality first instruction, evidence-based practices, and authentic relationships, students will achieve tremendous academic growth and demonstrate preparedness for college/career pathways.

To reach our vision, Fern Bacon Middle School will set the following conditions for success: 

•          Provide standards-based curriculum that is designed to provide intensive, strategic and benchmark support for students to achieve mastery of grade level content;

•          Utilize student achievement data to drive all decision making in the classroom and programmatically;

•          Monitor student progress to ensure timely and systematic instructional and intervention response;

•          Provide structures for teacher reflection, collaboration, and planning to ensure the delivery of high-quality, rigorous instruction in every classroom;

•          Provide instructional coaching support to develop teaching and learning;

•          Develop and promote authentic relationships with students, families and the community to support excellence and achievement.

Our core values at Fern Bacon Middle School:  Achievement, Integrity, and Excellence