Letter to Parent Posted 6/08/2021

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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16 @ 10:10 AM to 12:20 PM

To celebrate the transition of our 8th graders to high school, we look forward to recognizing our students during this time. However, due to Covid restrictions our 8 th Grade Promotion will be a Drive-Thru Ceremony to be held Wednesday, June 16, 2021. During the Promotion parade, students will receive their promotion certificate while family cheers them on and takes pictures from the car. I encourage families to decorate their cars, honk their horns and have fun. On this day, 8th grade students will not report to school. An Attendance Assignment for the day will be posted by teachers in Google Classroom.


~As you enter our parking lot (see map), students will be asked their name. To help the flow of traffic, if possible, write your child’s first and last name in LARGE letters on notebook paper. Post it on the window of the passenger side where it is visible. If this is not possible, pull up to the next station where we will print your child’s name. This will help teachers and staff know who is in the car and send a shout-out! Bring your student ID to help with our staff with spelling.

~As you proceed to the next station, your child will have their name called out on the microphone as you drive through the Staff Parking lot.

~We ask that the promoting student be seated in the PASSENGER SIDE of the vehicle. It will make it easier to pick-up the Promotion certificate when you drive to the pick-up station.

~Finally, at the last station your child will have their photo taken while they REMAIN in the vehicle. Once again, please do not get out of the car at any time.


~Please ENTER in the Staff Parking lot from Franklin Blvd / Wesley Ave and EXIT RIGHT onto Cuny Avenue only. This will help the flow of traffic for all.

~A minimum of 6 feet between vehicles at all times.

~Each vehicle must contain only members of the same household (one carload per student).

~Everyone is required to stay in their vehicles at all times.

~Wear a mask when communicating with staff and teachers.

~No public restrooms will be available.

All 8th grade students will receive a promotion certificate. This is an 8th grade event only as we have 362 students to serve this day during this short time. Thank you for your support. Due to limited staff for our Drive-Thru Promotion, we can accommodate WALKERS only if families do not have transportation. Please wear a mask when approaching the table set-up by the HANDICAP SIGN in front of the school. Remember to follow social distancing rules by staying 6 feet apart from other families.

LAPTOPS will REMAIN with all 8th grade students over the summer and will be expected to take them to high school. If your family is MOVING or your child WILL NOT be attending a school in Sac City Unified School District, please email Ms. Weymouth at Dawn-Weymouth@scusd.edu for check-out papers and bring your computer with you.


On the last day of school, we will be releasing our Virtual Promotion video on Google Classroom. Please know all students will be acknowledged with their yearbook picture and name. The link will only be sent to Fern Bacon students. Students have been working hard on speeches and special quotes to capture this historic moment in time. Call the office at (916) 395-5340 if you DO NOT wish to participate in this video by the DEADLINE of FRIDAY, JUNE 11. Leave your first and last name telling us you do not want to be acknowledged in the video. You may also email our office staff, Ms. Sarah at SarahCastro@scusd.edu or Mrs. Renda at Arwen-Renda@scusd.edu.

Please be prepared for traffic, so bring your patience with you. We look forward to acknowledging this milestone with our students and families. With your support of adhering to all safety precautions and guidelines, we can make this a successful event for all Fern Bacon Middle School students and families. Thank you for letting us serve you and your child during your time here at Fern Bacon Middle School. Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.


Mrs. Coronado, Principal