History / Social Science Department


Fern Bacon offers students the opportunity to bring history to life.  Students research history, prepare and present what they have learned and share with peers and the community via video projects, presentations and spoken word. 

Students study World History in 7th grade and United States History in 8th grade.

Mathematics Department


Math classes offered at Fern Bacon Middle School include MATH 7, MATH 8 and COMPACTED MATH 7/8 AND MATH 1 for our advanced / GATE students.  Fern Bacon also offers sections of support for students who are below grade level and need additional instructional support.  Math is taught through the Common Core Standards with a focus on real world problems and experiences while working in collaborative groups.  Students are expected to explain their thought process through writing, and speaking and demonstrate their conceptual understanding rather than simply seek solutions.

Science Department


Science at Fern Bacon is taught through the new NGSS Standards.  7th grade science focuses on Life Science, while 8th grade science focuses on Physical science.  Students in science move beyond the standards and bring science to life through building and engineering projects, a science fair and use technology including iPads and virtual dissections.  

Physical Education Department


Physical Education classes at Fern Bacon provide students the opportunity to explore and discover sports with which they may not have experience. Students have the opportunity to experience volleyball, soccer, basketball, line dancing and much more.   

Las clases de Educación Física de Fern Bacon brindan a los estudiantes la oportunidad de explorar y descubrir los deportes con los que no tengan experiencia. Los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de experimentar voleibol, fútbol, baloncesto, baile en línea y mucho más.

Elective Classes


Fern Bacon offers many electives that enhance academics and prepares students for high school, college, and career. 

These are just a few of our Electives. Click on the individual programs to get more information. Elective classes may change if staffing does not permit offering a specific course.

Fern Bacon Middle School Activities VIDEO

Special Education Department


Here at Fern Bacon we are fortunate to have a wonderful Special Education team who work alongside our General Education teachers.