Fern Bacon Middle School proudly fields a Boys and Girls soccer team in the Spring. Student-Athletes represent Fern Bacon at all times.  

Fern Bacon recognizes that athletics are an important aspect of the school campus and encourages students to participate.  

Student participating on our Soccer Team must meet the following requirements:

1) A 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) on the most official academic report card.

2) No suspensions, excessive referrals, or other significant behavior infractions.  

The coach reserves the right to place any student on “probation” status if minimum academic requirements are not met. The coach reserves the right to remove the student-athlete from the competition and / or team.

All student-athletes and parents / guardians will be required to read and sign the Fern Bacon Student-Athlete compact; a contract of expectations between the school and the student-athlete.