Mathematics Department


Math classes offered at Fern Bacon Middle School include MATH 7, MATH 8 and COMPACTED MATH 7/8 AND MATH 1 for our advanced / GATE students.  Fern Bacon also offers sections of support for students who are below grade level and need additional instructional support.  Math is taught through the Common Core Standards with a focus on real world problems and experiences while working in collaborative groups.  Students are expected to explain their thought process through writing, and speaking and demonstrate their conceptual understanding rather than simply seek solutions.  Students are encouraged to find multiple methods to approach a math problem and multiple possible answers.Students may spend an entire class period dissecting one task that leads them through a rich dialogue that promotes critical thinking and mathematical reasoning.

In addition, math classes have access to complete class sets of laptops and all 8th grade math classes use iPads with Apple TV to further increase rigor in classrooms, making the connection between math concepts and technology with a focus for preparing students for the 21st century and beyond.  

IM1 Math Placement Recommendation Process for Academic Year 2021-2022 (Posted 1/13/2021)
For Students Entering IM2/2+


May 17: Parent/Guardian Information Letters available; to be sent to parents/guardians by 5/28

May 17-June 17: Adult/Student Optional Recommendation Forms open (At this level, students may recommend themselves.)

June 1-17: Math Assessment – Multiple choice and open task(s) completed via computer, administered and scored by teachers in Illuminate

Late June: Analyzation of data; Recommended placement sent to schools