COVID-19 Exposure Notice
May 16, 2023


Dear Parent of Fern Bacon Middle School, 

The health and safety of our students, staff, and community are our top priority. We have been alerted that your child may have been exposed to an individual diagnosed with COVID-19. The individual with COVID-19 was in school while infectious on 05/10/23, 05/11/23, and 05/12/23.  

Classrooms exposed:

Matthei, Room 17, 1st / 2nd Periods, ENGLISH/HISTORY

Kirkland, GYM, 3rd Period and 6th Period, PE

Fung, Room 15, 4th Period MATH

Carr, Room 202, 5th Period SCIENCE

Kumar, Room 64, 6th Period, STUDY SKILLS

Wenell, Room 11, 1st / 2nd Periods, ENGLISH/HISTORY 

Black, Room 203, 3rd Period SCIENCE

Mauldin, GYM, 4th Period PE

Gutierrez, Room 16, 5th Period MATH

McGuire, GYM, 6th Period PE

Fernald, Room 20, 1st / 2nd Periods, ENGLISH/HISTORY 

Hetland, Room 201, 3rd Period SCIENCE

Navarro, Room 62, 4th Period STUDY SKILLS

Sanchez, Room 3, 5th Period MATH

What does this mean for you and your child?

Your child may remain in school – unless they develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19.  Scientific research and experience from around the country and state demonstrate that schools remain among the safest places for children to be.  

It is  recommended that your child wears a mask at school for 10 days after exposure - High-quality masks with good fit and filtration provide the best protection for your child and the school community.  Masks are available at school.

Your child is advised to get tested for COVID-19.  CDPH recommends testing 5 days after the last date of exposure.  A number of testing options are available to your child and your household members:

             ~During any testing times on campus or by dropping into the Care Room

             ~At-Home COVID Test with results reported through Primary.Health

You may access testing through your medical provider or at these free testing sites: 

Serna Center: Monday – Friday from 8am – 4:00 pm

Sacramento County Community Testing Sites

Keep your child home if they develop symptoms and follow the SCUSD Stay Home Sick and Return guidance for returning to school. If your child starts to feel sick or shows symptoms, they should get tested right away, even if they had COVID-19 before. 

If your child tests positive, you may access free virtual visits and prescription medications with a Doctor at: 

Your child is advised to get vaccinated against COVID-19.  If your child is 12 years of age or older, a booster dose is also recommended.  Vaccinations against COVID-19 are safe and effective, and remain the best way to protect against the spread of this virus, new variants, and against severe disease.  SCUSD hosts a number of weekly vaccine clinics, or you may contact your child’s healthcare provider to learn more.

For further information see the SCUSD Isolation and Quarantine Information or SCPH Decision Tree. You may also call the SCUSD COVID-19 Helpline at 916-559-0951.


Hoey Cruz, RN, BSN, PHN

Contact Tracer

Health Services

Sacramento City Unified School District 

Cellphone: (916) 891-7558 (call or text)

COVID Helpline: 916-559-0951 text or talk