SBAC Testing Begins Monday, May 1st



  • All students will test in English Language Arts starting Monday, May 1st.  All tests are technology-based.  Your teacher will review and post the SBAC Testing Calendar for you.  All students will test in Math starting May 8th
  • All 8th graders will take the CAST or California Science Test the week of May 15th – 19th
  • We will be on a BLOCK SCHEDULE during testing to accommodate all students who need extra time.  More information on this modified block schedule below. 
  • This test is aligned to the California Common Core standards, which are intended to challenge you.  Answers are beyond multiple choices.  State your claim, cite the evidence you are given, and connect both through sound reasoning to base your responses. 
  • Usage of high-level academic language and vocabulary is strongly encouraged to show deep understanding of a concept. 
  • Students are expected to do their very best on the test at all times.  If students do not finish their test, they will have the opportunity to finish their test if extra time is needed. 
  • Know the PAUSE RULES to allow you to get the maximum points possible.  Strategically pausing your test will allow you to return to the last page of questions you have not interacted with. 
  • Typing or spelling is not being tested, your responses are.  Do your best to answer all the questions.  It is not a timed test. 
  • If students finish their test early, students are expected to do a quiet activity until the testing period is over to respect the students who are still working.
  • Students will follow the same restroom classroom procedures for testing.
  • There will be a snack for students who are finished testing.
  • Headphones must be worn during the entire test in Science, ELA, and Math.  Students may not use their own headphones or earbuds during testing. 
  • Electronic and / or bluetooth devices of any type; cell phones, smart watches, bluetooth headphones, iPods, etc., may not be used at any time during testing.  Cell phones must be turned off until the testing session has ended.  All cell phones will be collected and / or stored during testing.  No exceptions. 
  • To help keep you focused, students will be expected to keep working through the entire testing block.  Stay focused; keep your head in the game.


  • The bell schedule will remain the same for the first week of testing in ELA.  However, there will be no bells between periods / testing blocks.  Testing blocks are Periods 1 & 2, Periods 3 & 4, Periods 5 & 6.  ELA & History is a core block of time.    
  • A BLOCK SCHEDULE for testing in Math and Science will be implemented to allow ample testing time.  Use the testing calendar to know which periods you’ll be expected to attend. 
  • Please be mindful and respectful of students testing during this block of time.  Students will be expected to move quietly and quickly to their next class.


  • This test impacts you, your family, and your school.  Take pride by doing your best.  You have been working hard all year and this is your time to shine!  Being here every day is important to your success!
  • Tickets can be earned for our Prize Raffle held on Friday, May 19 @ lunch for students who are:
    • At school EVERYDAY on testing days;
    • ON TIME to class on testing days;
    • SHOW PROOF of TEST STRONG! strategies when taking the test.
  • Students can earn up to 3 tickets a day.  Drop off your tickets in the prize boxes in the Quad during lunch or in the Front Office after school.