Robocall Message

Dear Families of Fern Bacon Middle School,

This is Mrs. Coronado with a Covid update. As you know, Covid rates are decreasing. We’ve not had a Covid positive case since 2/07/22. This week we’ve had two (2) individuals test positive in the following classrooms:

Mrs. Cook, 1st Period Science 7/8

Mrs. Kirkland, 2nd Period PE 7/8

Mr. Hart, 3rd Period Math 7/8

Mrs. Cook, 4th Period Math Skills 7/8

Mrs. Bahramzi, 5th/6th Periods ELA/Social Science 7/8

Mr. Jackson, 1st Period PE 7/8

Mrs. Kumar, 2nd Period Study Skills 7/8

Mr. Tsan, 4th Period Math 8

Mrs. Fayer-Gutierrez, 4th Period Science 8

Mrs. Linnane, 5th Period ELA 8

Mrs. Ferguson, 6th Period History 8

The date of positive test(s) reported was:  Thursday, 2/17/2022.  Please call our Main Office at (916) 395-5340  for quarantine options for this close contact exposure at school. 


Also, during this January covid surge to help our school recover some attendance, every student was sent home with a STISA (Short Term Independent Study Agreement). Parent signatures are needed on Pages 2 and 3. Our goal is to help all students who had to quarantine during this Covid surge. Please sign and return to your child’s ELA teacher by March 1, 2022.

As always, thank you for your support.  If you have any questions, please call our Main Office at (916) 395-5340.

Have a great evening.
Mary Coronado, Principal