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STAR Academy is a 6-week Saturday enrichment opportunity designed to help your child achieve and maintain academic success.  The focus will be students who are very close to moving up to the next performance ranking (2-Nearly Met Standard) or students who just met standard (3-Met Standard) and need to maintain proficiency.  Fern Bacon Middle School is the only middle school currently offering this program and your child is among a select group of student scholars chosen to participate. This is an honor and valuable opportunity for your child’s success in middle school.  To move up to the next level will demonstrate academic growth and will be beneficial for high school placement and / or consideration for high school specialty programs. 

STAR ACADEMY focuses on unlocking the potential in your child and helping them to obtain an edge toward high school success.  Your child will develop important skills such as expand their mathematical abilities, strengthen language arts skills, as well as utilizing test prep resources.  They will also have breakfast and lunch during the program.  Because space in the STAR Academy is limited, you must return the attached signed permission slip by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2023 to the front office at Fern Bacon Middle School to ensure your child’s spot in the program.