Leadership Elective


Our Leadership class is an integral part of being AN EXEMPLAR STUDENT at all levels and building community amongst our student body.  You will be responsible for student governance, activities, and leadership on campus.  

Skills you will learn include: practice in critical leadership skills, a new understanding of your role as a student leader, and a shared purpose with other leaders at our school.

Students will be responsible to host and plan all school dances as well as man the school snack bar.  

“Leadership is getting others to do, what the group needs to get done, because they want to do it.” Within this quote there is: a suggestion of influence, getting others to do a task; a suggestion of service, aiding the group rather than just the leader; a suggestion of inclusion, doing what the group wants; a suggestion of teamwork, working within a group; and, a suggestion of motivation or inspiration, getting people to want to assist you or the group.